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Illustration by Beth Covvey
Life on the edge in Fort Smith, NWT, where the smoke is just part of the scenery
May 2017
As sea ice melts, orcas are staying in the North longer. That’s bad news for narwhal.
May 2017
The most fantastic and harrowing journeys in the North aren’t taken by human beings
April 2017
Photo by Kevin Chan/Trent University
Northern research in the age of gadgetry
April 2017
Photo courtesy Keith Levesque/ArcticNet
What do you get when you mix oil and Arctic water?
April 2017
Study aims to show how each person contributes to melting sea ice
February 2017
Photo by Lewis Hulbert
A barrage from above
April 2009
Photo by Doug Allan/Minden Pictures
For centuries, newcomers to the Arctic have marvelled at its powerful stillness. But as the ice melts away and shipping traffic rises, can the Arctic fight back against noise?
July 2016
Red knot are frequent flyers. One has gone almost to the moon-and-back in its lifetime. Photos by Clare Kines
Every year, millions of birds from all over the world arrive in Canada's Arctic. Here's what to look out for.
July 2016
The polar bear is getting more attention than ever, but that may be harming the animal more than helping.
July 2016