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How they've always done it: Though the technology has advanced, placer mining hasn't changed a whole lot since the days of the Klondike gold rush. Photo provided by the Glenbow Archives, NA-4033-1
Nearly 120 years after the Klondike Gold Rush, the Yukon's placer miners are still going strong
November 2015
Nunavut's only inland community. Photo by Hannah Eden
Nunavut's thriving mining town (that doesn't look like a mining town at all)
November 2015
Curtis Overholt takes a break at the TerraX Minerals exploration site about 20 kilometres outside of Yellowknife. Photo by Hannah Eden
Keep an eye on these junior exploration companies. PLUS: Holding pattern: Tough markets slow down advanced projects
November 2015
Jean Marie River, population 60, is nestled along the shore of the Mackenzie River, in the Dehcho region of the NWT. Photo by Herb Mathisen
The NWT weighs conservation versus development. And a park near Jean Marie River might prove its test case.
November 2015
Hope Bay is eternal: More than 25 years after drills first started turning on the Kitikmeot tundra, Hope Bay is close to realizing its golden potential. Photo courtesy TMAC Resources
The Kitikmeot's on-again, off-again gold project is very much on
November 2015
The Northern fibre loop. Courtesy Northwestel
The odd timing of the Yukon's fibre line announcement
October 2015
Sweetest Kulu, a tender poem written by Iqaluit's Celina Kalluk, is a top-seller. Artwork courtesy of Inhabit Media
A small Iqaluit publisher is learning how to tell Inuit stories
October 2015
Herc! Herc! One minute you're flying aid to Haiti, the next you're bringing prize racehorses to the Netherlands. Photo: Jason Pineau
Saying goodbye to some Northern aircraft, and hello to a few newcomers
August 2015
Ambulance rides in the North often take you five miles in the sky. Photo: Hannah Eden/Up Here
Where they’re going, they don’t need roads. Across the North, ground transportation just isn’t possible and many local health care centres offer only the most basic of services. That’s when ACCESS air ambulances swoop in, with medevacs proving the quickest—and often, the only—way of getting patients the medical treatment they need.
September 2015
Protesters take to the Yellowknife streets to oppose fracking in the Northwest Territories. Photo by Hannah Eden
It’s confusing. It’s controversial. But for miners looking to develop the next mega-project or governments seeking public approval on big-ticket policies, consultation is crucial.
September 2015