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Jacey Firth-Hagen's #SpeakGwichinToMe campaign has garnered social media attention and re-energized the preservation of Gwich’in. Photo by Hannah Eden/Up Here
For helping promote the vulnerable Gwich’in language, Jacey Firth-Hagen has made our shortlist.
December 2015
In the North, they call themselves Dene. In the American Southwest, Diné. Same blood, same language – a continent apart. For years, no one could explain it. Now, clue by clue, the mystery is being solved.
August 2008
Archeologists excavate one of the houses at Kuukpak, located along the Mackenzie River, earlier this year. Photo courtesy of Max Friesen
For four centuries, Kuukpak, located in the Western Arctic along the Mackenzie River, was the richest, busiest summer settlement around
November 2015
Author France Rivet, right, and Hans-Ludwig Blohm on the fateful 2009 cruise. Photo courtesy of France Rivet
More than 130 later, Abraham Ulrikab's remains may finally return to Labrador
November 2015
Once an open-pit mine, now a lake. Photo by Hannah Eden/Up Here
A road runs through the bush in the NWT, and it tells a story of tragedy, hard truths and the circle of life
November 2015
At Yellowknife's Giant Mine, little remains of a once-bustling frontier community. Photo Angela Gzowski
They're toxic and deserted wastelands - but to those who once lived there, the remains of mining communities are worth holding on to.
September 2013
Illustration by Greg Hill
On the Arctic's 'weird and tragic shores,' ships, humans and whole cultures have a way of vanishing, leaving nothing but whispers and haunting questions.
April 2009
The Firth sisters at the end of their career. Photo by Tessa MacIntosh
The miracle that came from the Delta
January 2010
The Tootoos' 1965 Christmas portrait, with baby Victor in the author's amauti, Jennifer, the oldest, in front of her father, and in the middle, a restless Hunter. Photo Courtesy Sally Luttmer
Memories of the sudden, dangerous birth of Hunter Tootoo in 1960s Rankin Inlet
September 2014
Following a deadly accident involving a bomb-laden B-52, crews at Greenland's Thule Air Base load cylinders of irradiated snow onto a U.S.-bound ship.
When a top-secret U.S. jet went down near Nunavut, it left a mystery: is there a nuke beneath the ice?
October 2012