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Friedrich Trump lacked his grandson's combover, but shared his lust for lucre. His White Pass eatery served the finest food, with a slice of sin on the side.
Long before 'the Donald,' his stampeder grandpa's seedy restaurant gave birth to a glittering dynasty
September 2012
Patrick Kane
To please his Scottish bride, a Wrigley fur trader learns to stitch and sew
July 2011
Clockwise from top left: Maria, Netsilik region; unnamed, Qaernermiut (between Baker Lake and Chesterfield Inlet); unnamed, Aivilik (Hall Beach) region; Nellie, Southampton Island; Hattie, Igloolik; Pikey, unknown. J.E. Bernier/Library and Archives Canada/C-001499
Tracing the controversial history and recent revival of Inuit facial tattoos
September 2014
In part three of our Inuktitut series, Tim Edwards spends a year learning the language, and ends up discovering more about the place he lives
July 2015
In part two of our Inuktitut series, Samia Madwar looks across the Bering Strait, where the language originates
July 2015
Some say Inuktitut is doomed to disappear. Others have hope. In the face of a transforming Arctic, what needs to happen for the Inuit language to survive?
July 2015
Photo courtesy of Lesley Farrow
A by-the-numbers look at Nunavut's favourite holiday
July 2015
The abandoned outpost of Port Leopold, built sometime in the mid-1920s, on the northeastern tip of Somerset Island in the High Arctic, was used briefly to trade fox furs. Photo: Dennis Minty
Relics of the Hudson's Bay Company still stand across the North, though many buildings that were once havens are being retaken by the wilderness
July 2015
Wayne Cockney finishes cutting a fillet from a freshly-caught whitefish. Photo by Angela Gzowski
A fisherman pulls in some fish on the Arctic Ocean’s shore
July 2014
Clockwise: traditional pipsi, caught, brined dried and voila—the essence of char; candied char belly, brined with brown sugar, it melts in your mouth; mesquite and regular flavoured char sticks, for fish-lovers on the go. Photo by Angela Gzaowski
Rankin Inlet’s Kivalliq Arctic Food blends tradition with innovation.
July 2014