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Louie and a friend get ready to head out. Photo by Roger Brunt
Fort Rae was excited to welcome home the hunters; Roger Brunt was excited to be warm, dry and alive
January 2015
Nichole Richards of Norman Wells, NWT cooking up caribou heart. Photo by Nichole Richards
How to get the most out of your caribou
January 2015
This artwork appears in a children's book, Yamozha and his Beaver Wife, illustrated by Tlicho artist Archie Beaulieu. It's available via Amazon and Theytus Books
A Herculean myth that served as a map, a unifier and an inspiration
April 2015
Tlingit drum dancing is bigger than ever / Photo: Allan Ogilvie
Kept alive in secret for generations, Tlingit drum dancing is bigger than ever
March 2015
Iqaluit’s answer to Burning Man.
March 2015
A tale that makes it all too fitting that 'bear' is just one letter away from 'fear'
March 2015
A woman and child stand in front of the Bone House on Herschel Island, where two Inuit men were hanged for murder in 1924. PWNHC: N-1991-041-0065
The spectacle of Canada's first trial in the Far North was little more than a show of force
April 2015
Father Joseph Buliard moved to Gary Lake to net not just fish, but Inuit converts. His harvest would be their undoing - as well as his own. Courtesy R.C. Episcopal Corporation
Sixty years ago, a hapless priest brought God to the Barrenlands. Then the locals met their maker.
September 2012
Stripped bare by glaciers, Nunavut's Dubawnt River valley was the wrong place for Arthur Moffat and his crew to let their guard down. Photo courtesy Sports Illustrated
When Arthur Moffat set off for the Barrenlands, he envisioned a land of plenty. He was plenty wrong.
May 2012
Ted Horton, Yellowknife's newsman-turned-mayor, wasn't about to let the provinces take over the NWT. He fired up his printing press and went to battle. NWT Archives/N-1979-052-6574
Prairie leaders wanted to annex the territories. But Yellowknife's mayor beat them at their own game.
December 2011