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As Canada rings in its 150th birthday, we look back at some major turning points that have changed the North—and its relationship with Canada—over the last 150 years. It’s a story of colonization, of imposed institutions, of resilient people.

Also, we profile seven entrepreneurs across the three territories creating in-demand products inspired by the land and waters around them. And we get a peek inside the clay-covered creative world of Yellowknife’s Guild of Arts and Crafts.

In This Issue

Photo by Hannah Eden

The Mud Club

Lessons in humility at the Yellowknife guild

By Hannah Eden
Jul 21
Photo by Daniel Campbell

The Bush Philosopher

Seeing the forest for the trees with Wes Pellissey

By Daniel Campbell
Jul 19
Sealskin vest by Victorias Arctic Fashion. Photo by Hannah Eden

Growing A Business

Northern entrepreneurs use time-old traditions and 21st century tools

By Up Here
Jul 17
Photo by Hannah Eden

Mayor By Default

Dawson City artist John Steins has done it all

By Hannah Eden
Jul 14
Crowds assemble on Treaty Day in Fort Rae, NWT, in the 1930s. Photo courtesy of Glenbow Museum NA-3844-58

A Tale Of Two Worlds: The North 150 Years Later

Seven moments when the North's relationship with Canada fundamentally changed

By Up Here
Jul 01
Crowd at Folk on the Rocks 2016. Photo by Hannah Eden

A Guide To The North’s Music Festivals

Insights from a festival-goer who nearly hit them all last year

By Elaine Anselmi
Jun 30