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Made in the Yukon: Hay is a big cash crop in the Yukon; local producers can compete with southern farms because they don't have to pay major transport costs. Photo by Cathie Archbould
With caribou gut compost and narwhal chicken feed, Northerners are finding creative ways to produce their own food. But with some real climate and market handicaps, how far can Northern agriculture actually take us?
June 2016
"If we're not renovating a space, we're opening something," says Schmidt (on right). Photo by Daren Gallo
A timeline of the Schmidt-Kent Empire of Whitehorse
June 2016
Woodsmoke in a land without trees. Photo by Anubha Momin/Finding True North
Bringing southern-style barbecue to Iqaluit at Big Racks
June 2016
If you build it, they will come. Fletcher Stevens is serving up what Yellowknifers always wanted. Photo by Hannah Eden/Up Here
The NWT Brewing Company takes hold in the city's Woodyard
June 2016
Photo by Hannah Eden
Dawson City, Yukon
June 2016
The menu features hits like polenta sticks with jerk dip. Photo by Daren Gallo
Enjoying a bit of the Caribbean, at Antoinette's in Whitehorse
June 2016
Eastbound’s felt at home in Dawson this winter, surrounded by like-minded, hands-on folks: “Everyone up here is just automatically DIY because they were raised that way.” All photos courtesy Cud Eastbound
Dawson City’s Cud Eastbound turns his van into a warm and cozy abode.
April 2015
Photo by Hannah Eden/Up Here
The cool comforts of ice fishing in Chesterfield Inlet
April 2016
Photo courtesy Old Town Paddle
They stand on them. Race on them. Even fish on them. Take a look at the most conspicuous invasive species in the North's waters: stand-up paddleboards.
April 2016
The high kick target. Photo by Hannah Eden/Up Here
The science behind Arctic sports
March 2016