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Photo by Hannah Eden/Up Here
Celebrate the holidays with a genuine, Northern on-the-land feast
December 2015
Photo by Pat Kane/Up Here
Find out which Yukon bumper sticker is right for you.
December 2015
The Pellissey homestead is perched above the wide Mackenzie River. Photo by Daniel Campbell/Up Here
In today's Northwest Territories, few venture outside the comforts of a community to carve out their own lodgings. One family is breaking that mould.
December 2015
Illustration by Beth Covvey
From Scottish jigs and cheeky games to fresh jokes and new mitts, here are a few fond memories of the holidays North of 60.
December 2015
Candice Lys, left, and Nancy MacNeill are FOXY's founders. The costume-filled suitcase, known as Ruby, is a staple in their workshops. Photo by Hannah Eden
They lure teenagers with free pizza. They listen to them. Let them swear if they want to. They answer questions about sex, relationships, health and politics. And that's how Candice Lys and Nancy MacNeill are helping the North's youth face the world.
December 2015
Jim Fowler with his wife Jacquelin in 2009, with the Yukon's Tagish Lake in the background. Photo courtesy of Gord Yakimow
A dirge for Jim Fowler, who lived for the great Yukon outdoors
November 2015
If you're invited to dance during a Baker Lake community event at 1:00 a.m., how can you say no? Photo by Hannah Eden/Up Here
Lessons from a late night dance session in Baker Lake
November 2015
What would you endure for a rare plot of land in the Northern wilderness?
November 2015
Fort Liard's ball diamond, where you have to dodge the bison patties in the outfield. Photo by Samia Madwar
Catching heat in Fort Liard--and loving it
November 2015
Illustration by Monika Melnychuk
Back in California, his biggest worry was his kids getting too much sun. But when Zac Unger moved his wife and children to Churchill, Manitoba, they had to adapt to a furry, four-legged danger, and accept a scary fact: that in the Arctic, polar bears are part of the family.
April 2013