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Wesley Hardisty performs at the Alianait Arts Festival in Iqaluit. Photo: Angela Gzowski
Fiddling and dancing have entertained Northerners for the past two centuries. But in this age of constant distraction, will music survive?
October 2015
Sergeant Dave Wallace, now based out of Whitehorse, still delivers mail and medication to some camps outside of the Yukon's communities, just like the RCMP did in the territory's younger days. Photo Daren Gallo
A century ago, the RCMP delivered mail and babies in the North, and kept people in line. But a dark stage in their history means cops today don't just have to keep the peace, they have to make it.
December 2014
Butchering is a family event on the river banks, with children playing, watching and learning. Photo Peter Mather
Most years the porcupine caribou cross the Dempster. When they do, there's a harvest. Is this a healthy continuation of the old ways, or hi-tech slaughter?
June 2014
Photo: Hannah Eden/Up Here
You pretty much have to love the outdoors. The rest depends on how you feel about boutique shopping, road trips, and snow in July.
September 2015
Direct from the Up Here studio, we bring you a recipe for beauty taken from the best day-spa around - Canada's Northern landscape.
July 2015
What's in the job description? Spend hours on the open deck, waiting for the wildlife to show up. Courtesy Mark Cowardine/One Ocean
What's it like to wake up to stunning Arctic vistas, watch polar bears all day and hike across the tundra--and get paid for it? Just ask Jimmy Thomson.
April 2015
Illustration by Monika Melnychuk
In the land where the sun doesn’t set, she planned to give up food from dawn to dusk. Could she stomach it?
October 2013
Northern history as seen through family photo albums
July 2015
At Super Soccer weekend in Yellowknife, some goals are bigger than others
July 2015
Whole whitefish, burbot fillets and trout. Photo by Amy Lam
From your basic shore lunch to the fanciest fine dining, four Northern chefs share their hot tips.
June 2015