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Whitefish burger with juniper aioli, morels and arugula. Photo by Amy Lam
When the local fisherman is your buddy, you're reeling in world-class fish, and you can get it nearly year-round, it sounds too easy. In the North, it is.
June 2015
Yukoner Jurg Hofer starts his morel harvesting early to beat the heat. When he's filled a few baskets, around 12 pounds of morels per basket, he brings them to buyers. Photo: Linda Gerrand
The NWT is preparing for a morel mushroom rush this summer. We break down the hype, and find out everything you need to know to get in on the action.
June 2015
Why a prodigal son has returned to his roots in the Yukon
July 2013
A mine worker talks steak, doughnuts, and the good life.
July 2014
Illustration by Monika Melnychuk
Housesitting is usually a fun escape. But as one veteran discovers, it’s the tiny, but crucial, details that get you.
July 2014
Illustration by Michael Byers
A peek behind the scenes of the business of running a Northern lodge: from blizzards, bear invasions and caretakers gone crazy, to the ever-changing face of tourism.
July 2014
MADAME PRESIDENT: Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory performs her inaugural speech as the president of Hans Island. Photo by Ed Maruyama
The Arctic’s vast potential, through the eyes of a fictional politician
February 2015
He’s Inuvialuit; she’s Dene. It hasnt always been easy—but this couple knows a thing or two about survival. Photo by Herb Mathisen
When Harry met Mary Rose
February 2015
"Hug the Police". Photo by Peter Worden
Fighting graffiti with graffiti in iqaluit
February 2015
The Yukon Arctic Ultra draws adventurous runners, cross-country skiers and fat-bikers from around the world. Photo by Michael Ericsson
Why do Yukon Arctic Ultra competitors risk injury and exhaustion every year? It’s not for the scenery.
January 2015