The NWT's game of choice. Photo by David Ducoin
| January 2016
The busiest month of the year in the NWT: handgames, hockey and a castle built on ice.
Bison on NWT Highway 3. Photo by Daniel Campbell
| January 2016
A long drive on a short day
The front deck of the Mackenzie Rest Inn overlooks the mighty Mackenzie River. Photo by Herb Mathisen/Up Here
| January 2016
It used to be an RCMP lock-up. Believe us when we say it's come a long way.
Whitehorse does winter. Photo courtesy Peter Mather/Government of Yukon
| January 2016
It's a cold month, but the days are getting brighter, and Whitehorse residents are ready to celebrate. Plus: a secret waterfall in the NWT.
Camp at the Barrenlands. Photo by Kristen Gilbertson Olesen
| January 2016
The long dark month allows for spectacular trips by dogteam, and gives Dawson City time to get creative.
Downtown Cambridge Bay at the end of December. Photo by Herb Mathisen/Up Here
| December 2015
New Year's Eve in Cambridge Bay
| October 2015
Fort Providence's Big River Diner makes one big burger
| September 2015
On the slow train from Churchill
The historic MacPherson House, built in 1936 and located above the flats. Photo Daniel Campbell
| August 2015
It's the jumping off point to the Nahanni--but what can you actually do in town?
The Cirque of the Unclimbables, in Nahanni National Park, NWT. Photo Gary Bremner
| August 2015
Europeans arrived in North America looking for wealth and the Pole. Explorers defied death for glory. But what drives today’s adventurers?