| November 2014
Three summers ago, a hiker vanished on the Yukon's Donjek Route. When authorities found his remains, Northerners kept searching for a deeper truth.
Base Jumping off Mount Asgard, Baffin Island
| November 2014
Baffin Island’s become an unlikely mecca for some of the most extreme thrill-seekers and BASE jumpers on the planet.
The southern portion of the Ogilvie Mountain range includes Tombstone Mountain, for which the park is named, and Mount Monolith.
| July 2014
Every summer, Anna Tupakka and her partner roam in the Yukon wilderness. Bugs, broken gear and inquisitive wolves can’t wear them out—but the human condition might
Photo by Angela Gzowski
| July 2014
A tiny community beside a huge body of water makes a historic decision. Its prophet would approve.
| July 2013
Each summer, thousands of tourists witness the Yukon through the windows of air-conditioned tour buses. What’s the territory like from their side of the tinted glass? We jumped on board for a surprisingly wild ride.