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Photo courtesy Gerold Sigl/NWT
It's not all raging rapids and remote rivers up here
April 2016
Photo by Geoff Foster
Wind and wildlife on the NWT's Emile River
April 2016
The MV Lafferty, captained by Graham Cox, battles the Liard River current in the Deh Cho. Photo: Herb Mathisen/Up Here, Photo illustration: Beth Covvey
Small-talk from the captain's nest of the Fort Simpson ferry
April 2016
The Takhini Hot Springs. Photo by Takhini Hot Pools
How to find peace in the great outdoors
March 2016
What a seven-canoes-turned-sailboat looks like. Photo courtesy Toban Leckie
Why paddle when you can sail? Great Bear Lake can be a slog, but every once in a while the wind is just right.
February 2016
Ivvavik National Park. Not Ellesmere Island, but the same concepts apply. Photo by Tim Johnson
Step one: 4x4. Photo courtesy Karel Pekelsky
...without an ice road
February 2016
Paddling out to secret weekend camping spots at Hidden Lake, NWT. Photo by Tim Edwards
The last canoe of the season
January 2016
Bring back a whale of a tale from the floe edge in Pond Inlet, Nunavut. Photo by Michelle Valberg
The landscape changes drastically this month in the North--here are the best spots to witness it.
January 2016
Cabin-dwellers around the fire. Photo courtesy of Fritz Mueller/Government of Yukon
The days are getting shorter, and the mercury is plummeting. At Yuletide, Northerners take the party inside.
January 2016