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By early September, the fall colours along the Dempster Highway are out in force. Photo by Gerold Sigol/NWTT
Crazy fall colours on the Dempster Highway, and a hunt along a WWII-era trail
January 2016
The Midway Music Festival grounds. Photo by Adam Jones, PhD/Global Photo Archive/FLICKR
A secluded spot along the Dempster Highway becomes a hub of activity
January 2016
Ice boulders at low tide in Iqaluit. Photo by Herb Mathisen/Up Here
Summer is a time for gathering, a time for festivals, in the North
January 2016
Your cup will runneth over at Yellowknife's Beer Barge Bash. Photo by Bill Braden
The month with the longest days in the North has one bubbly festival you may not know about.
January 2016
Kite-skiing in Igloolik, Nunavut. Photo by Benjamin Aro
Bright days and steady winds make this month perfect for racing across the ice in Nunavut.
January 2016
The NWT's game of choice. Photo by David Ducoin
The busiest month of the year in the NWT: handgames, hockey and a castle built on ice.
January 2016
Whitehorse does winter. Photo courtesy Peter Mather/Government of Yukon
It's a cold month, but the days are getting brighter, and Whitehorse residents are ready to celebrate. Plus: a secret waterfall in the NWT.
January 2016
Camp at the Barrenlands. Photo by Kristen Gilbertson Olesen
The long dark month allows for spectacular trips by dogteam, and gives Dawson City time to get creative.
January 2016
Bison on NWT Highway 3. Photo by Daniel Campbell
A long drive on a short day
January 2016
Downtown Cambridge Bay at the end of December. Photo by Herb Mathisen/Up Here
New Year's Eve in Cambridge Bay
December 2015