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Bison on NWT Highway 3. Photo by Daniel Campbell
A long drive on a short day
January 2016
Downtown Cambridge Bay at the end of December. Photo by Herb Mathisen/Up Here
New Year's Eve in Cambridge Bay
December 2015
Fort Providence's Big River Diner makes one big burger
October 2015
On the slow train from Churchill
September 2015
The historic MacPherson House, built in 1936 and located above the flats. Photo Daniel Campbell
It's the jumping off point to the Nahanni--but what can you actually do in town?
August 2015
The Cirque of the Unclimbables, in Nahanni National Park, NWT. Photo Gary Bremner
Europeans arrived in North America looking for wealth and the Pole. Explorers defied death for glory. But what drives today’s adventurers?
August 2015
Three summers ago, a hiker vanished on the Yukon's Donjek Route. When authorities found his remains, Northerners kept searching for a deeper truth.
November 2014
Burger, classic poutine and East Coast-style poutine (French fries topped with Newfoundland dressing--turkey stuffing and gravy) from Iqaluit's Nanook Express food truck. Photo Peter Thuell
The foodie revolution has arrived in the Arctic. Food trucks are taking Northerners to wild, new culinary frontiers--even in places where the actual trucks have to be shipped up because there are no roads in or out.
July 2015
A sculpture locally known as "The Muffin."
Haines Junction has always been more than just the gateway to the Kluane—and now it's getting beefed up
June 2015
ATVs are a common form of transportation here. Photo: Paul Aningat
It's got tourism, population, a great reputation--it just needs more jobs
July 2015