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Porcupine caribou graze in the Blow River Valley, in northeastern Yukon. CREDIT WERONIKA MURRAY

Oil or Caribou

As The U.S. government’s 30-year fight to drill for oil in vital caribou...

Portrait of Edith Iglauer in New York City (early to mid 1960s). CREDIT: University of Victoria Libraries

Edith Iglauer and the Ice Roads

The iconic author and journalist, who passed away this month at the age of...

Vivien Cumming

A Trip Back In Time

Searching for the origins of life on the Coppermine River.

John Pekelsky/Up Here

Patches Worn With Pride

Curling was more than a game to northern miners.


The North In 12 Months

Race outhouses, hunt for seal, and vote for the ultimate Yukon man: your...


Inside A Yellowknife Taxidermist's Shop

Take a look behind the scenes of our photo feature, inside a Yellowknife taxidermist's workshop.

How To Build a Fire

Up Here Editor Samia Madwar and Videographer Hannah Eden head out into the bush to get some much needed fire-building advice from 1 Canadian Ranger Patrol Group. For more, check out: How To Build a Fire

The Tension and the Break

To tell the story of the North's ice cycles, Yellowknife composer Carmen Braden translates nature into music.

For more on Carmen Braden visit, uphere.ca/articles/tension-and-break

Bruce Davidson - NWT Park Warden

They're more than just places to spend the night: it's the people of NWT Parks who make our campgrounds truly memorable. Like Bruce Davidson, a singular human and keeper of Prelude Lake Territorial Campground.

Check out Bruce's original tune about life at the gatehouse, and follow this link for more parks and conversations:



Direct from the UP HERE studio, we bring you a recipe for beauty taken from the best day-spa around - Canada's Northern landscape.

The Northern Golf Tour

Our 'Up Here' editorial team try their hand at midnight golf in Fort Simpson, Northwest Territories.

For the full story: The Northern Golf Tour

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