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Up Here Business Issue No. 2

Narwhal swimming underwater

Inuvik is home to a new country-food processing plant for Inuvialuit communities. The goal? To create jobs and training opportunities, and to restore traditions that will increase food security. The business may not be about profit, but it’s creating value—one link of beluga sausage at a time.

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Up Here Magazine - March/April 2022

Grise Fiord town

For more than 140 years, Canada has watched over its claim to the Arctic with sporadic attention. However, when potential threats—whether real or imagined—crop up, the government has gone to great lengths to assert its dominion over the land. And more often than not, those actions have caused great harm to the people who actually live there.

Photo courtesy Adventure Canada/Scott Forsyth

Up Here Magazine - March/April 2022

View of Iqaluit

A race for resources, control, and access makes the Arctic one of the hottest topics on the international stage in the 21st century. But if Canada wants to truly assert its sovereignty in the North, those who call it home say it needs to start with them. 

Photo by Lisa Milosavljevic