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Up Here Business No. 4

Sean Stofer, Chris Cornboro and Michael Austin—COO, CEO and chief marketing officer

ArcticPharm is the first cannabis grower and manufacturer to set up shop in the North. With its dry flower and pre-rolls now debuting on retail markets in the Yukon and Ontario, founders Chris Cornborough and Sean Stofer have more to celebrate than 4/20.

Courtesy ArcticPharm

Up Here Business No. 4

Man looking at multiple colourful doors.

Businesses and developments. Corporations should consider it. Nuclear power is a challenging idea. But small modular reactors may be the surest path to zero-carbon mining in the North. They may also be a big economic opportunity.

Adobe Stock

Up Here Business No. 4

Mine worker checking our core samples.

Brandon Macdonald has returned to his roots with Fireweed Metal's Macmillan Pass Project. He's also giving orphaned discoveries a new place to call home.

Fireweed Metals

Up Here Business No. 4

Ben Perreira at his desk

Are you struggling to meet your employees’ demands for more flexibility when it comes to working from home? Neighbourly North’s Ben Perreira is an expert on the subject. He says, relax.

Photo by Crystal Schick

Boris Dotsenko, left, with Olga Jenkins in 1970.

Unconventional and prescient views from a top Soviet nuclear scientist, who taught junior high science in Yellowknife for two years.

Courtesy Peter Jenkins