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Up Here Magazine - September/October 2022

Every corner of the North is flush with musical talent. But what does it take to actually get these unique voices and new sounds out and into the world? We hit the grind with these crafty and collaborative record labels who are putting Northern artists front and centre.

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Up Here Magazine - September/October 2022

Man standing on road waiting for a bus

Europe needs energy. The North has it. Don’t get excited.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has changed the global economic picture for oil and gas. But the stars aren’t lining up to give the North’s much-bruited energy resources one more kick at the development can. If we’re looking
for opportunity in the crisis, we need a new idea.

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Up Here Magazine - September/October 2022

Joella Hogan

Joella Hogan is a savvy business operator who has brought Mayo’s Yukon Soaps Co. to national prominence. She also has a keen eye for turning her entrepreneurial investment into a vital piece of community infrastructure. How so? Hint: Think housing.

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Up Here Magazine - September/October 2022

Jeremy Beamish stands in front of a work site

And now Jeremy Beamish has six employees. In fact, it didn’t take long for this self-employed carpenter to decide he should use his skills to start a proper business. The building part was straightforward enough—but entrepreneurship offered a few surprises.

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Up Here Magazine - September/October 2022

Estate plan file

Do you own a business? You need a good estate plan. Estate planning isn’t a fun topic, but it’s essential. That’s especially true for business owners, from sole proprietorships to corporations. Be sure your final plans meet your hopes and expectations for your business—for the sake of yourself, your family and your partners.

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Up Here Magazine - July/August 2022

Red Pedersen.

For almost seven decades, Asger “Red” Pedersen has played a major role in Kugluktuk’s transformation and in helping to build Inuit institutions for Inuit—even though he knew he wouldn’t be a beneficiary. 

Photo courtesy NWT Archives/Erik Watt/N-1990-005-0080