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September/October 2021

Over the last two decades, thousands of tiny houses have popped up across North America, creating a new lifestyle trend and a slew of first-time home buyers. But why is this movement at a standstill in the North?

Photo by Charlotte Morritt-Jacobs



July/August 2021

Post secondary students from Rankin Inlet learn through the Inshore Rescue Boat program.

Search and rescue missions can be dangerous. There are many risks and sometimes team members risk not making it back home. So what is it that makes people put their own lives on the line for others?

Photo courtesy Inshore Rescue Boat Rankin Inlet

July/August 2021

Cat McGurk braces herself as she wades through the frozen water.

Jumping into a hole in the frozen lake may seem like an extreme challenge to some. For Cat McGurk, it’s a form of meditation.


July/August 2021

Jeff Faulkner with his De Havilland Otter

When you look up at the northern skies, chances are more likely you’ll see an aging De Havilland Beaver or Otter than a sleek 21st century aircraft. That’s because aviators across the North are dedicated to reviving old aircraft and northern aviation companies are keeping them in A-1 flying condition. But with all the time, money and energy it takes to keep them running, is it worth it?

Photo courtesy Jeff Faulkner

July/August 2021

When you think of music in the Arctic, the button accordion isn’t always the first instrument that comes to mind.

In the Arctic, the accordion is an everlasting tradition, connecting today’s players with past generations.

Photo screen shot by Qaggiavuut Performing Arts Centre