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Up Here Magazine - November 2021

Determined to follow in her great-grandfather’s flight path, a young pilot plans a stop-over in the North to get experience before returning home. But after finding opportunity and adventure piloting vintage flyers in Yellowknife, she’s now in much less of a rush.

Story and Photos by Robert S. Grant



September/October 2021

Wide windows overlook mountain views in this dream home

Million-dollar views. Wilderness at the doorstep. Big communal spaces to gather in. Here’s what Northerners want from their dream homes.


September/October 2021

Log house built by David Loeks

True, most of the humble and hastily built dwellings that helped trappers and settlers get through a winter or two have crumbled. But log houses constructed with love and attention still dot the urban landscapes, as some Northerners fall for homes with a more natural feel.

Photo courtesy David Loeks

September/October 2021

An inside look at Charlotte Morritt-Jacobs' tiny house

Over the last two decades, thousands of tiny houses have popped up across North America, creating a new lifestyle trend and a slew of first-time home buyers. But why is this movement at a standstill in the North?

Photo by Charlotte Morritt-Jacobs