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Up Here Magazine - November/December 2022

Photo by Fred Chartrand/Canadian Press

“It’s a feeling of belonging,” says Mary Simon, whose lifetime of advocating for the North and Northerners–and whose appointment as the first Northern and Indigenous Governor General–have earned her kudos at home and abroad. Here in the North, we’re delighted to name her our 2022 Northerner of the Year.

Photo by Canadian Press/Fred Chartrand

Up Here Magazine - September/October 2022

Hand using a sound board.

Every corner of the North is flush with musical talent. But what does it take to actually get these unique voices and new sounds out and into the world? We hit the grind with these crafty and collaborative record labels who are putting Northern artists front and centre.

Photo: Adobe Stock

Up Here Magazine - September/October 2022

"Time to Play" by Abraham Anghik Ruben

Brothers Abraham Anghik Ruben and David Ruben Piqtoukun find the soul in stone and bone, bringing epic legends and personal histories to life with brutal honesty and masterful skill.

Courtesy Winnipeg Art Gallery