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Captain Owen Stanley’s watercolour painting ‘Arctic Amusements’ captures the revelry of Christmas aboard HMS Terror in 1836.
For crewmembers on early Arctic expeditions, Christmas was a time like no other
December 2017
Photo courtesy Royal Newfoundland Regiment
John Shiwak of Labrador was a top marksman in WWI
November 2017
After JFK's murder, his brother vowed to climb the Yukon's Mt. Kennedy. He came down a changed man.
Permanent wood piles replace a temporary pontoon bridge on the Alaska Highway. Photo courtesy of Yukon Archives, R.A. Cartter fonds #1498
How southern reactions to international conflicts are responsible for the look of much of the present-day North
August 2017
Crowds assemble on Treaty Day in Fort Rae, NWT, in the 1930s. Photo courtesy of Glenbow Museum NA-3844-58
Seven moments when the North's relationship with Canada fundamentally changed
July 2017
A bowhead whale bone on Deadman’s Island marks the grave of a whaler who died in the 1880s. Photo by Paul Souders/Worldfoto
And how its bloody history could become a blessing
June 2017
Photo courtesy Denny May
Aviator Warren Wright aims to recreate a bit of Northern history
May 2017
The annual race to be the first steamship North
April 2017
Photo courtesy Dawson City Museum/1975.2.1.24
The Klondike's brief flirtation with hot air balloons and airships
April 2017
Henry Hudson, the English explorer, is remembered by the gigantic bay that goes by his name. Small consolation for having been mutinied by his crew in 1611, set adrift and left to die on the shores of James Bay.
A history of Western imperialism as seen through the Arctic Archipelago’s place names
March 2017