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Behind the Look: Part 4

Behind the Look: Part 4

Victoria’s Arctic Fashion, ENB Artisan and Tania Larsson Studio
By Hannah Eden, Katie Weaver
Oct 17
From the October 2016 Issue

From Up Here's October issue, here are more of photographer Hannah Eden's shots from the fashion feature and a few words from the creative minds behind the looks:

Model Marlisa Brown wears a green sealskin jacket by Victoria’s Arctic Fashion, sealskon heels by ENB Artisan and Tania Larsson Studio’s black buffalo earrings with laser-etched caribou necklace and vintage beads.

Tania Larsson Studio

The Designer: Tania Larsson

The Place: Northwest Territories
The Story: “The hardest part was coming up with the design. It’s an Athabaskan puberty necklace. It’s a traditional necklace a young girl going though puberty would wear. It was usually made out of swan bone and there’s lots of ceremony attached to it. I wasn’t around to experience all of that sort of stuff because of residential schools, so I did research and actually went and saw a puberty necklace in a collection in Santa Fe. I really love to do research and turn traditional adornments contemporary.

“Identity is related to our adornments. We don’t have the adornments we used to have because of residential schools, so I base lots of my jewellery off of research. I follow traditional aesthetics and I want to make jewellery that native people can wear to make them feel strong and feel proud to be native. I’ve always had a hard time finding jewellery that represents my culture."

ENB Artisan

The Place: Nunavut
The Designer: Nicole Camphaug

The Story: “I love having sealskin out there. Most times it’s in winter gear: mitts, kamiks. And sealskin is hot. Like if you wear it in a shawl or kamiks, it is warm. But if you have a thin sealskin lining in your shoes you can wear it and not be too hot; it’s a different way to wear sealskin.

"I especially love doing men’s dress shoes. Mostly men are limited to a coloured tie, maybe a coloured shirt. But if they want to wear a black suit then they can have sealskin shoes that just totally finishes up their outfit.”

Victoria’s Arctic Fashion

The Designer: Victoria Kakuktinniq
The Place: Nunavut

The Story: Kakuktinniq uses dyed harp seal to create the colour contrast on this leather jacket. She’s inspired by the curves of the Amauti.