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From Up Here's October issue, here are more of photographer Hannah Eden's shots from the fashion feature and a few words from the creative mind behind the looks:

With makeup by Nicole Garbutt Makeup Artistry, model Inemesit Essien Graham wears a sweater and tank top by Erasmus Apparel, whale vertebrae cuff and earrings by Ugly Fish and sealskin heels by ENB Artisan.

Erasmus Apparel

The Designer: Sarah Erasmus
The Place: Yellowknife, NWT

The Story: “When we started this, we really had no idea how to run a business. All I knew was that I wanted to make shirts with sweet designs and I started to sell them. It just kept growing and growing. Six years later, here we are, with having sold over 500,000 items.

“It’s really neat to see just the pride that Northerners have for being Northerners, right? And our clothing I feel like is something for them to represent that, wear and want to wear, love to wear. A lot of our target audience is tourists but 90 per cent of our shoppers are locals that keep coming back and are sending it to their friends. It’s really the North and Northerners that kept us going.”

Ugly Fish

The Designer: Adina Tarralik-Duffy

The Place: Coral Harbour, Nunavut

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ENB Artisan

The Designer: Nicole Camphaug
The Place: Nunavut

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