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From Up Here's October issue, here are more of photographer Hannah Eden's shots from the fashion feature and a few words from the creative mind behind the looks:

Model Ariel Lau wears a pattern cape and matching shorts from Brenda Lee Asp and beluga bertebrae cuff and narwhal tusk earrings from Ugly Fish.

Brenda Lee Asp

The Designer: Brenda Lee Asp
The Place: Yukon

The Story: The flowers on the cape are, as explained by Brenda Lee Asp, the stories of her ancestors. The tiny triangles outside the flower represent berries. The leaves represent the river systems travelled. The long dark parts in the middle of the petals represent the sun. The big circles inside the petals represent the buttons they used to trade. The small shapes with the dot inside them on the tips of the petals represent the salmon. Finally, the flower’s centre represents animal skin.

Ugly Fish

The Designer: Adina Tarralik-Duffy

The Place: Coral Harbour, Nunavut

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