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The Pizza Man

The Pizza Man

Meet Mike Mancini, the man behind the Snack Bar restaurant in the tiny Yukon town of Keno City. During Keno Gras, the annual Labour Day weekend festival, the town is tossed upside down.
By Emily Sheff
Sep 11
From the September 2017 Issue

Name: Mike Mancini

Age: 56

Occupation: Restaurateur

How many people live in Keno? 19 full-timers

How long have you run the Keno City Snack Bar? Since 1995. The building used to be a bunkhouse for mining crews. 

How does Keno Gras affect the pizza business? I usually make one dough a day during the winter, which makes about 10 to 12 pizzas for visitors and locals. During the festival I serve about triple that, along with sandwiches and breakfast.

What’s your best-seller? The Mike’s Loaded.

What’s life in Keno City like the rest of the year, compared to the two days of Keno Gras? It’s a sleepy little town. When the mine closed, a few people made a conscious decision to stay. People just hang out, relax, and putter around fixing buildings. Then during the festival, it’s electric. The fall colours and Aurora borealis are out, people are in a great mood, and everyone lets their hair down.