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Quiz: What's the Yukon For?

Quiz: What's the Yukon For?

Find out which Yukon bumper sticker is right for you.
By Eva Holland
Dec 10
From the December 2015 Issue

Much more so than the other two territories, the Yukon is a land of cars and roads. Yukoners commute to work on weekdays, they road-trip on weekends, and heck, sometimes they just cruise the open road. And Yukoners wear their hearts on their bumpers: if there’s a popular sentiment in the territory, chances are there’s a sticker to match. Take our quiz to learn which one belongs on your bumper:

1) What’s your ideal winter weekend?

 a) Backcountry ski touring. Get that fresh powder!

 b) Some relaxation by the woodstove. I work hard in the field all summer.

 c) Bison hunting, baby.

 d) Heading up to Dawson for some shenanigans at the Pit.

2) What’s the one thing you can’t live without?

 a) My down jacket, my down pants and my down booties.

 b) Whatever it is, you can thank the mining industry, since it was made from mined minerals.

 c) My thirty-aught-six.

 d) Oxygen. Duh.

3) What’s the biggest problem facing the Yukon right now?

 a) Our ongoing dependence on a resource-extraction economy.

 b) NIMBYism! All the people who would rather see mines built in the Third World, instead of right here.

 c) Food insecurity. We need local sources of protein and produce.

 d) Why so serious? Hey, wanna put on bunny costumes and go for a ski?

4) We all know the Yukon is a travel hotspot in the summer, but the winters are awesome too. Do we let the rest of the world know?

 a) Yes. What better boost to our economy than some sustainable ecotourism?

 b) Sure. But you know we’re gonna be burning fossil fuels to keep our guests warm, right?

 c) Shhhhh!!!!

 d) Why not? The Rendezvous hair-freezing contest could use some new competition.

5) By 2050, the Yukon will be…

 a) … the world’s premier wilderness-viewing destination. 

 b) … free of government handouts thanks to the Selwyn, Casino, Coffee and Eagle mines.

 c) … too crowded. 

 d) … Canada’s microbrewery hub. Bottoms up!

6) Who is the iconic Yukoner?

 a) The Yukon River paddler.

 b) The Klondike gold panner. 

 c) The dog mushing trapper.

 d) Caveman Bill.

7) What’s the biggest Yukon misconception?

 a) We’re all a bunch of miners.

 b) We’re all a bunch of tree-huggers.

 c) We’re all a bunch of yuppies.

 d) I dunno. Wanna grab a beer? 


If you picked...

Mostly As: 

You ski, you hike, you paddle, you climb. You own a lot of merino wool and Gore-Tex. You love playing outside—and you want to see the Peel watershed and wilderness you enjoy so much protected.

Mostly Bs:

You believe in this territory’s founding industry. You’re practical, a realist: we live in a world dependent on fossil fuels and mined minerals, and pretending otherwise won’t change anything.

Mostly Cs: 

You split your own firewood, hunt your own meat, and grow your own vegetables. You don’t get too caught up in politics. What do you value most? Self-sufficiency and resourcefulness. 

Mostly Ds:

Maybe you grew up here, or maybe you made a choice to move North later in life. Either way, you know that what makes this place great is its laid-back, fun-loving attitude.