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Six Red Beads and Dan Wade Jewellery
October 2016
The 2016 Moosehide Gathering in pictures and video
October 2016
The Sun at Midnight:  Devery Jacobs, left, and Duane Howard, right, star in the feature film directed by Kirsten Carthew. Photo courtesy Pierre Cruz
The film industry in the North continues to grow and capture audiences across the territories and the south
September 2016
Famed Cape Dorset Artist Kenojuak Ashevak. Photo by Martin Lipman.
Nunavut’s most famous artist takes her place among Canada’s most well-known TV spots
September 2016
For some, the plane is a muse; for others, it is a saviour, as depicted here in Wally Wolfe's "Found at last."
Take-offs and landings in Northern art
August 2016
Photo by Hannah Eden/Up Here
The making of Bushpilot, an iconic ode to flight in the North
August 2016
Alaska, acrylic on paper, 11x17. Artwork courtesy of Ted Harrison
Northern artists pay tribute to a beloved, inspiring painter
March 2015
The Barquentine tall ship. Photo courtesy The Arctic Circle
Got writer's block? Go find an iceberg.
January 2016
Hollywood gets a taste of Yellowknife
January 2015
Summoning the ghosts of a Yellowknife mall
December 2015