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Coral Harbour carver Henry Nakoolak. Photo by Adina Tarralik Duffy
The hard realities of a Coral Harbour Artist
October 2015
Photo of Tuinnaq Bruce, the author's grandmother, by David Pelly
The 2015 winner of the Sally Manning Award for Indigenous non-fiction
March 2015
Carmen Braden captures nature with her recorder, absorbs it through her headphones, processes it into music and exports it through her piano. Photo: Bill Braden
To tell the story of the North's ice cycles, Yellowknife composer Carmen Braden translates nature into music
October 2015
D'arcy Moses at his studio in Enterprise, NWT. Photo: Hannah Eden
Nearly 20 years ago he disappeared into the bush to find his Northern roots. Now he’s ready to step back into the Canadian fashion scene—and bring the North along with him.
October 2015
Polar pulp fiction that delivers just the right chills
August 2015
Abraham Anghik Ruben (r) with Bob Carpenter, circa 1977. Photo: Fran Hurcomb
For decades, Abraham Anghik Ruben has recorded the old stories about how things used to be in the Arctic. But his published works aren’t volumes of print. They’re monuments of stone, ivory, bone and bronze.
July 2015
Where the skits are nostalgic and the bannock is fresh and buttered
July 2015
Courtesy Melissa Figueroa
Repulse Bay kids paint by their own rules
April 2015
Terje Isungset tests the ice by drumming it with his fingers.
Meet the man for whom the ice sings
March 2015
We asked graphic designer Beth Covvey to create mock posters for six Northern plays. Inspired by Pablo Picasso's "Girl before a mirror," here's her interpretation of "Tumit," Reneltta Arluk's one-act play about a woman examining her past, terrified of the present.
The North is in theatres, but Northerners rarely see it there. One playwright is trying to change that. These are some of the scenes she brings to life.
April 2015