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Genesee Keevil

Illustration by Beth Covvey
Morel pickers keep their secrets close to the chest
May 2017
Photo by Cathie Archibould
The Yukon's new premier, Sandy Silver, is more personality than partisan. Can he keep that up?
February 2017
Photo by Mike Rudyk
A traditional First Nations ‘men’s game’ is being played by women in the North.
January 2017
Sergeant Dave Wallace, now based out of Whitehorse, still delivers mail and medication to some camps outside of the Yukon's communities, just like the RCMP did in the territory's younger days. Photo Daren Gallo
A century ago, the RCMP delivered mail and babies in the North, and kept people in line. But a dark stage in their history means cops today don't just have to keep the peace, they have to make it.
December 2014
Butchering is a family event on the river banks, with children playing, watching and learning. Photo Peter Mather
Most years the porcupine caribou cross the Dempster. When they do, there's a harvest. Is this a healthy continuation of the old ways, or hi-tech slaughter?
June 2014
Iqaluit’s answer to Burning Man.
March 2015
Logan Young leads a string of horses through the peel trail that leads to the Midnight Sun Outfitting hunting camp.
One skittish steed can make Midnight Sun Outfitting guides’ harrowing yearly journey through northern Yukon bush much more dangerous.
March 2015