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Samia Madwar

Illustration by Beth Covvey
They wanted a small ceremony. The rest of town had other plans
December 2016
Robert "Yogi Bear" Chenard and Brenda "Boo Boo" Penney run the Louise Falls day-use campground off the Mackenzie Highway, near the Alberta/NWT border. Photo Hannah Eden
Meet the people who make Northern campgrounds funnier, friendlier, and just a bit weirder.
August 2015
Photo by Doug Allan/Minden Pictures
For centuries, newcomers to the Arctic have marvelled at its powerful stillness. But as the ice melts away and shipping traffic rises, can the Arctic fight back against noise?
July 2016
Illustration by Beth Covvey
For refugees, the North might as well be another planet. Can the right flavours make them feel at home?
June 2016
Kæstur hákarl, fermented Greenland shark. Photo by Tina Lee
Five shocking, belly-filling polar treats you need to taste... someday.
May 2016
Photo courtesy Kakslaut Tanen Arctic Resort.
As any architect will tell you, the far North, with its extreme climate and diverse indigenous populations, is a tricky place to tackle. But not impossible. Here are a few ways designers and engineers have taken on the challenge.
May 2016
Russia's Arctic is a diverse place, with 41 documented indigenous groups. Photo copyright B&C Alexander/Arcticphoto
Russia has a rich, vibrant array of indigenous cultures. But those people don't have it so well.
May 2016
Does this look like the Arctic to you? Tromsø, Norway, north of the 69th parallel, has become a bustling university and port town.
What's there to learn from an Arctic university?
May 2016
Aleqa Hammond, former prime minister of Greenland. Photo by Ellen Emmerntze Jervell/The Wall Street Journal
Greenland's former prime minister Aleqa Hammond is the loudest, most insistent voice calling for Greeland's independence.
May 2016
 Sweet sweet aqpiqs. Photo by Per Arne Slotte (https://www.flickr.com/photos/paslotte/5503226907/) CC by-sa 2.0
Silent mutiny, one berry at a time
May 2016