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Samia Madwar

Dana Britton, personal trainer at Turning Point Fitness, Yellowknife. Photos by Hannah Eden/Up Here
Good for: Relieving your back and arms after zipping around on your snowmobile and waving at passersby.
March 2016
The road to Fort Liard. Photo by Samia Madwar
Kids hunt, fish, play soccer and then leave to find opportunity. This NWT town is trying to build permanence as jobs and residents come and go with the wind.
March 2016
Breakfast of dog sledding champions. Photo by Ralph Daily from Birmingham, United States (Blackberry Ice Cream Sandwiches [Explore]) [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons from Wikimedia Commons
Musher Brian Wilmshurst on burritos, bacon, and ice cream sandwiches
February 2016
Ivvavik National Park. Not Ellesmere Island, but the same concepts apply. Photo by Tim Johnson
In his workspace, Holloway examines an aileron, a hinged piece that attaches to the wing. Once complete, the Sonex (that’s the name of the aircraft model) will measure 5.5 metres long and 6.7 metres wide. Photo by Hannah Eden/Up Here
And why skill and craftsmanship have little to do with it
February 2016
Photo: Shutterstock
Life-saving tips from land-savvy survivors
February 2016
Photo by Hannah Eden/Up Here
Recipes from a 1959 Northern cookbook
February 2016
Photo by Darren Roberts
Most official maps today show the North to be a vast, empty land, with scattered communities and various geographical features named by European explorers who once passed through. As communities and researchers team up to map the traditional knowledge of elders before it disappears, they’re revealing the complete opposite.
February 2016
Ian Stirling. Photo by Émilie Smith
No fear-mongering. No exaggeration. For Ian Stirling, it's purely about the science.
February 2016
The Barquentine tall ship. Photo courtesy The Arctic Circle
Got writer's block? Go find an iceberg.
January 2016