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Samia Madwar

Potential buyers found large vases, like this one by Yvo Samgushak, too big for their homes. Photo: Hannah Eden
In the early sixties, the federal government brought ceramics to Rankin Inlet to build a traditional arts economy. They didn’t count on the artists actually getting creative.
October 2015
Left to right: Dëneze Nakehk'o, Nina Larsson, Maslyn Scott, Tania Larsson, Kyla Kakfwi Scott, Eugene Boulanger. In front: Amos Scott with Sadeya Scott. Photo: Hannah Eden/Up Here
Here's what happens when a group of young, skilled, educated people decides to stop talking at start acting.
September 2015
Peter Palme's Cessna 185 is docked steps from the front door of his office. Photo Hannah Eden
Bush pilot Peter Palme's long trip back to the North
August 2015
Illustration by Monika Melnychuk
In the land where the sun doesn’t set, she planned to give up food from dawn to dusk. Could she stomach it?
October 2013
In part two of our Inuktitut series, Samia Madwar looks across the Bering Strait, where the language originates
July 2015
Northern history as seen through family photo albums
July 2015
She fights for nature and for human rights. Now she's showing others how to keep fighting
July 2015
Whole whitefish, burbot fillets and trout. Photo by Amy Lam
From your basic shore lunch to the fanciest fine dining, four Northern chefs share their hot tips.
June 2015
Whitefish burger with juniper aioli, morels and arugula. Photo by Amy Lam
When the local fisherman is your buddy, you're reeling in world-class fish, and you can get it nearly year-round, it sounds too easy. In the North, it is.
June 2015
A mine worker talks steak, doughnuts, and the good life.
July 2014