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Samia Madwar

That's the way the coast crumbles: A collapsed block of permafrost on the coast of Alaska, releasing stored carbon from frozen decomposing organic matter into the water.
Why permafrost is the scariest, most thrilling thing in the Arctic
May 2015
The Church of Our Lade of Providence was built in 1899. Photo by Patrick Kane
Why you should take your time in Fort Providence, NWT, and order the doughnuts ahead of time
January 2015
Lone figures: there are around 5,000 wolves in the Yukon, but no current estimates for the NWT or Nunavut.
They're misunderstood and they don't give a damn
March 2015
Tlingit drum dancing is bigger than ever / Photo: Allan Ogilvie
Kept alive in secret for generations, Tlingit drum dancing is bigger than ever
March 2015
Terje Isungset tests the ice by drumming it with his fingers.
Meet the man for whom the ice sings
March 2015
"Tanya [Tagaq] told me. I hadn’t seen her in a long time, and she’s a dear friend. I was texting with her while she was stuck in Maine because of a snowstorm and she was like, ‘Hey, we’re nominated for a Juno!’
March 2015
Grand Prize Winner: Artur Stanisz
Up Here’s 14th annual readers’ photo contest
January 2015
 A photo op at Pine Lake, a 20-minute drive north of the log cabin - Black Bear Wilderness Lodge. Photo by Linda Harrison
"You get there, you look after yourself"
February 2015
We asked graphic designer Beth Covvey to create mock posters for six Northern plays. Inspired by Pablo Picasso's "Girl before a mirror," here's her interpretation of "Tumit," Reneltta Arluk's one-act play about a woman examining her past, terrified of the present.
The North is in theatres, but Northerners rarely see it there. One playwright is trying to change that. These are some of the scenes she brings to life.
April 2015