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5 Pin-Trading Tips From A Pro

5 Pin-Trading Tips From A Pro

Yellowknifer Janet Pacey is a veteran pin-haggler of the Arctic Winter Games
By Herb Mathisen
Mar 02

1) Show off: Wearing your pins signals you’re open for business. Display mostly pins you’re willing to trade, but have a couple keepers on there too to show you’re serious.

2) Pins don’t pay: “It’s a big thing with traders, you never pay,” says Pacey.

3) Represent: Bring pretty pins from your town or territory that others might covet. “It doesn’t have to be Arctic Winter Games-related necessarily,” says Pacey. But nothing cheap. Metal flag and emblem pins are cool; plastic is a big no. “And those little plastic Canada pins? Don’t bother,” says Pacey.

4) Bring back-up: Pins fall apart sometimes. “If people know that you have extra pin-backs, oh my God, you’re like a frickin rockstar.”

5) DIY: Create your own little economy and some extra trading ammo by creating your own AWG pin. Pacey’s designed official pins, but she’s also made her own Ptarmi-inspired beauties. Mark your pin with the year and place name for added value.