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Long Weekend, Short Notice

Long Weekend, Short Notice

In the North with no plans for the next three days? We’ve got you covered
By Elaine Anselmi
Aug 04

The August long weekend is a busy one in the territories, jam-packed with festivities designed to wring the last bit of fun under the sun before the Northern summer winds down to the fall. Though many opt to get out on the land to camp, paddle, fish or hike, there’s still so much to do in town over the weekend.

Here are just a few of the things going on across the North this weekend.


If you’re in the Northwest Territories:

Slave River Paddlefest—Every year, convoys of vehicles with kayaks strapped down on their roof racks head to Fort Smith for this annual weekend on the water. There’s a whole week of events leading up to the festival, but the official start is today (Friday), with instructional clinics, canoe and kayak races and a community feast. Activities for novice and experienced paddlers continue through the weekend, along with cookouts and live entertainment.

Old Town Ramble & Ride—The streets and structures of Yellowknife’s Old Town transform into stages for arts, crafts and music all weekend, so it’s probably best to leave the car at home. The Ramble & Ride begins with a bike rally tonight and throughout the weekend performers, workshops and food and art markets will keep ramblers busy.


If you’re in Yukon:

Weekend on the Rocks—the long weekend doesn’t have to be a big party. At Tombstone Territorial Park outside Dawson City, the weekend schedule involves hikes, presentations and hands-on activities to learn about the formation of the scenic park and what goes on beneath its surface.


If you’re in Nunavut:

Pang Fest—If you happen to be in Pangnirtung for the weekend, Pang Fest is running through the weekend with a few local acts as well as out-of-town musical guests Aira of Igloolik, Qimutjuit of Inukjuaq and Mary Itorcheak from Iqaluit.