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The Summer (Issue) Is Here

The Summer (Issue) Is Here

A look at the stories to come in July and August
By Up Here
Jun 28

Summertime and the living's easy—especially at the cabin. The July/August issue of Up Here magazine takes you on a tour of cabin country and the eclectic and cozy getaways Northerners escape to. And our guide to Northern homes will explain why our houses look a little different up here.

We also take a feature look at new DNA monitoring technology that allows scientists to get a picture of the animals that live in and around lakes, rivers and oceans with just a quick water sample. This has the potential to change our understanding of ecosystems, especially in remote and hard-to-study Arctic regions. 

And speaking of remote work, we profile seemingly terrible summer jobs that leave people stranded in the Arctic, running towards wildfires and offering up limbs to hungry mosquitoes. Spoiler alert: these people love their jobs.

Happy summer reading.