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Ambulance rides in the North often take you five miles in the sky. Photo: Hannah Eden/Up Here

Ambulances in the Sky

Where they’re going, they don’t need roads. Across the North, ground transportation just isn’t...

September 2015 Herb Mathisen
Bush pilot Dave Olesen at his remote Hoarfrost River home. Photo: Kristen Gilbertson Olesen

The Last of a Flying Breed

Are the North's skies finally too crowded for the adventurous pilot to create their own air...

August 2015 Daniel Campbell
Herc! Herc! One minute you're flying aid to Haiti, the next you're bringing prize racehorses to the Netherlands. Photo: Jason Pineau

Arrivals and Departures

Saying goodbye to some Northern aircraft, and hello to a few newcomers

August 2015 Herb Mathisen
Peter Palme's Cessna 185 is docked steps from the front door of his office. Photo Hannah Eden

A Route Less Travelled

Bush pilot Peter Palme's long trip back to the North

August 2015 Samia Madwar
Photo illustration by Beth Covvey

Cracking the Codeshare

After stepping away from the altar, Canadian North and First Air agree to just be friends. But what...

July 2015 Herb Mathisen
Bob and Kevin Daffe of Tatshenshini Expediting. CHRISTIAN KUNTZ PHOTOGRAPHY

Happily Ever Rafters

A whitewater business's smooth family handover

July 2015 Eva Holland


Why Nunavut's Internet is failing to load

July 2015 Herb Mathisen
Chummy Plummer on Great Slave Lake at age 14. COURTESY PLUMMER'S ARCTIC LODGES

The King Fisher

Chummy Plummer, the legendary proprietor of the North's most successful fishing lodges, talks...

June 2015 Tim Edwards
The most affordable way to get a car to Nunavut. Photo - NNSI

By Air, By Sea, By Land

All you need to know about purchasing a new vehicle in Nunavut

May 2015 Peter Worden
Flying into the East Arm of Great Slave Lake. Photo by Pat Kane

The Other Natural Resource

The Lutsel K'e Dene aim to prove they can make a business out of protecting the land

May 2015 Tim Edwards