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A gang of Inuit boys posing for Commander Inglefield near Baffin Island. National Maritime Museum-G4266

The Shepherd Of The High Arctic

A ruthless shaman leads his people to the ends of the Earth and back

June 2011 Jerry Kobalenko
The hastily constructed banks of early Yellowknife were easy to rob. NWT Archives/N-1979-053-0079

Boozing Burgalars Botch The Job

Three fools attempt a heist of one of Yellowknife's first banks, but are too drunk

April 2011 Randy Freeman
To 18th-century voyageurs, Inuit were mythic savages, dangerous and strange. Did they kill Duncan Livingston and his crew?

The Trailblazers' Terrible Fate

It's the North's coldest cold case: Two centuries ago at the mouth of the Mackenzie, six...

February 2011 Randy Freeman

The Hungriest Holiday

During a grim yuletide on Great Slave Lake, a team of starving explorers yearn for the gift of...

January 2011 Jennifer Kingsley
The Firth sisters at the end of their career. Photo by Tessa MacIntosh

From The Trapline To The Olympics

The miracle that came from the Delta

January 2010 Tim Querengesser
LEBENSRAUM: The first-ever Nazi landing in North America took place after a U-boat surfaced off Labrador’s Arctic coast near the end of the Second World War. The Germans set up a secret weather station that went undetected for 30 years. Artwork by Greg Hill

The Day The Nazis Came North

During the Second World War, knowing the weather meant winning the fight. That's why German...

October 2009 Tim Querengesser
Illustration by Greg Hill

Never Seen Again

On the Arctic's 'weird and tragic shores,' ships, humans and whole cultures have a...

April 2009 Nathan Vanderklippe

The Long Road

In the North, they call themselves Dene. In the American Southwest, Diné. Same blood, same language...

August 2008 Jessa Gamble

Bobby On The Mountain Of Grief

After JFK's murder, his brother vowed to climb the Yukon's Mt. Kennedy. He came down a...

The Day the Beer Dried Up

After the Second World War, miners and prospectors flocked to gold-rich Yellowknife and drained the...