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Helen Klaben was near death when she was rescued in 1963. She and Ralph Flores had survived a plane crash and six hungry, cold weeks in the bush. Courtesy Charles Hamilton

'In the Name of God, Please Come Back!'

Fifty years ago, a pilot spotted an arrow stamped into the snow near the B.C.-Yukon border. He had...

January 2013 Elizabeth Hames
Long before the U.S. temperance movement put a cork in Klondike liquor, Yukoners loved their 'hooch.' Here, Dawson ladies hold a 'drinking bee' in 1900. Joseph Duclos/Dawson City Museum

When Booze Ran Dry in the Klondike

In the tipsy Yukon, prohibition was a buzzkill. Would bush planes full of liquor quench their...

December 2012 Tristin Hopper
Following a deadly accident involving a bomb-laden B-52, crews at Greenland's Thule Air Base load cylinders of irradiated snow onto a U.S.-bound ship.

The Crash, The Inuit, And The Bomb

When a top-secret U.S. jet went down near Nunavut, it left a mystery: is there a nuke beneath the...

October 2012 Nathan Vanderklippe
Friedrich Trump lacked his grandson's combover, but shared his lust for lucre. His White Pass eatery served the finest food, with a slice of sin on the side.

How the Trumps Struck Klondike Gold

Long before 'the Donald,' his stampeder grandpa's seedy restaurant gave birth to a...

September 2012 Eva Holland
Father Joseph Buliard moved to Gary Lake to net not just fish, but Inuit converts. His harvest would be their undoing - as well as his own. Courtesy R.C. Episcopal Corporation

'He Came And Dwelt Among Us'

Sixty years ago, a hapless priest brought God to the Barrenlands. Then the locals met their maker.

September 2012 Jennifer Kingsley
Stripped bare by glaciers, Nunavut's Dubawnt River valley was the wrong place for Arthur Moffat and his crew to let their guard down. Photo courtesy Sports Illustrated

In A Most Dreadful Sort Of Paradise

When Arthur Moffat set off for the Barrenlands, he envisioned a land of plenty. He was plenty wrong...

May 2012 Jennifer Kingsley
Ted Horton, Yellowknife's newsman-turned-mayor, wasn't about to let the provinces take over the NWT. He fired up his printing press and went to battle. NWT Archives/N-1979-052-6574

How The North Fought Off The South

Prairie leaders wanted to annex the territories. But Yellowknife's mayor beat them at their...

December 2011 Randy Freeman
Patrick Kane

A Hudson's Bay Boy Shacks Up

To please his Scottish bride, a Wrigley fur trader learns to stitch and sew

July 2011 Randy Freeman
A gang of Inuit boys posing for Commander Inglefield near Baffin Island. National Maritime Museum-G4266

The Shepherd Of The High Arctic

A ruthless shaman leads his people to the ends of the Earth and back

June 2011 Jerry Kobalenko
The hastily constructed banks of early Yellowknife were easy to rob. NWT Archives/N-1979-053-0079

Boozing Burgalars Botch The Job

Three fools attempt a heist of one of Yellowknife's first banks, but are too drunk

April 2011 Randy Freeman