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Pipsi, char traditionally dried (not smoked) in the sun, is rich in protein. Photo by Hannah Eden/Up Here
A white explorer dives into the all-meat diet, 100 years before the 'Paleo' diet was a thing
June 2016
Plans from Clarence Birdseye's 1930 patent for quick-frozen fish. (Public Domain)
How the Inuit inspired the freezer, and a new era of food preservation
June 2016
Photo by Hannah Eden/Up Here
Chewing the fat with Dene elder, raconteur and renaissance man, Joe Mackenzie
June 2016
A Moravian missionary meets with Inuit in the mid-1700s outside of Nain, Labrador. Library and Archives Canada, Acc. No. 1986-35-1
How brushing up on your deutsch lessons might help you get by in Northern Labrador
May 2016
An "Penguin" snowmobile/tank falls through the ice. NWT Archives/Henry Busse/N-1979-052-2141
Canada's post-WWII military drives across its Arctic. It probably won't try that again.
May 2016
A hockey player reflects on his short—but triumphant—stint with one of Yellowknife's old mining company teams
May 2016
Alaska Highway, 1942. The first vehicle to traverse the Alaska Highway was a U.S. Army jeep. Library Oof Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, FSH/OWI Collection, LC-USW 33-000941-ZC
Caught between global powers, Canada's North in wartime was a place of incredible feats, ravaging disease and irreversible change.
May 2016
Photo by Nathalie Heiberg-Harrison
Without luck, determination and Darrel Nasogaluak, the Mackenzie Delta Inuvialuit may have lost their qajaq forever.
April 2016
The captain of the Radium King with passengers in Yellowknife in 1954. Credit: NWT Archives, Henry Busse fonds, N-1979-052: 0611
She hauled radioactive ore, nearly blew up on Great Slave Lake, and changed shipping in the North forever.
May 2015
The aurora shimmer over Pangnirtung, Nunavut in winter. www.michaelhdavies.com
Some say the shimmering Northern Lights dance through the sky. The Inuit say they play ball.
March 2016