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This artwork appears in a children's book, Yamozha and his Beaver Wife, illustrated by Tlicho artist Archie Beaulieu. It's available via Amazon and Theytus Books

The Hero of the Dene

A Herculean myth that served as a map, a unifier and an inspiration

April 2015 Daniel Campbell
Tlingit drum dancing is bigger than ever / Photo: Allan Ogilvie

A Steady Cultural Pulse

Kept alive in secret for generations, Tlingit drum dancing is bigger than ever

March 2015 Samia Madwar

Claws as Big as Fingers

A tale that makes it all too fitting that 'bear' is just one letter away from 'fear...

March 2015 Tim Edwards

Firing up Yurt Fest

Iqaluit’s answer to Burning Man.

March 2015 Genesee Keevil
Nichole Richards of Norman Wells, NWT cooking up caribou heart. Photo by Nichole Richards

Heart'n Soul Food

How to get the most out of your caribou

January 2015 Up Here
Louie and a friend get ready to head out. Photo by Roger Brunt

Remembering the Guns of Fort Rae

Fort Rae was excited to welcome home the hunters; Roger Brunt was excited to be warm, dry and alive

January 2015 Up Here
The Tootoos' 1965 Christmas portrait, with baby Victor in the author's amauti, Jennifer, the oldest, in front of her father, and in the middle, a restless Hunter. Photo Courtesy Sally Luttmer

The Little Guy

Memories of the sudden, dangerous birth of Hunter Tootoo in 1960s Rankin Inlet

September 2014 Sally Luttmer
Clockwise from top left: Maria, Netsilik region; unnamed, Qaernermiut (between Baker Lake and Chesterfield Inlet); unnamed, Aivilik (Hall Beach) region; Nellie, Southampton Island; Hattie, Igloolik; Pikey, unknown. J.E. Bernier/Library and Archives Canada/C-001499

Between the Lines

Tracing the controversial history and recent revival of Inuit facial tattoos

September 2014 Ashleigh Gaul
Louie Kamookak, Up Here's Northerner of the Year for 2014. Photo Riley Veldhuizen

If Any Living Inuk Knew

Louie Kamookak has been on a 40-year quest to solve the Franklin mystery—for himself and for his...

September 2014 Ashleigh Gaul
Clockwise: traditional pipsi, caught, brined dried and voila—the essence of char; candied char belly, brined with brown sugar, it melts in your mouth; mesquite and regular flavoured char sticks, for fish-lovers on the go. Photo by Angela Gzaowski

Tasting North: The Universal char

Rankin Inlet’s Kivalliq Arctic Food blends tradition with innovation.

July 2014 Up Here