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Clockwise from top left: Maria, Netsilik region; unnamed, Qaernermiut (between Baker Lake and Chesterfield Inlet); unnamed, Aivilik (Hall Beach) region; Nellie, Southampton Island; Hattie, Igloolik; Pikey, unknown. J.E. Bernier/Library and Archives Canada/C-001499

Between the Lines

Tracing the controversial history and recent revival of Inuit facial tattoos

September 2014 Ashleigh Gaul
Louie Kamookak, Up Here's Northerner of the Year for 2014. Photo Riley Veldhuizen

If Any Living Inuk Knew

Louie Kamookak has been on a 40-year quest to solve the Franklin mystery—for himself and for his...

September 2014 Ashleigh Gaul
Clockwise: traditional pipsi, caught, brined dried and voila—the essence of char; candied char belly, brined with brown sugar, it melts in your mouth; mesquite and regular flavoured char sticks, for fish-lovers on the go. Photo by Angela Gzaowski

Tasting North: The Universal char

Rankin Inlet’s Kivalliq Arctic Food blends tradition with innovation.

July 2014 Up Here
Wayne Cockney finishes cutting a fillet from a freshly-caught whitefish. Photo by Angela Gzowski

The Catch

A fisherman pulls in some fish on the Arctic Ocean’s shore

July 2014 Tim Edwards
Bringing out the dead: hauling bodies by sled from the summit of the pass, April 3, 1898. Yukon Archives, Anton Vogee Fonds, #71

Rush to Die on the Chilkoot Trail

They'd already risked it all to get this far. The red flags of an avalanche wouldn't stop...

January 2014 Eva Holland
In a drawing by explorer George Back, a band of British adventurers bunk down in the wintery north woods. Institute for Northern Studies Fonds, University of Saskatchewan Archives

The Hungriest Holiday

During a grim yuletide on Great Slave Lake, a team of starving explorers yearn for the gift of...

December 2013 Jennifer Kingsley
At Yellowknife's Giant Mine, little remains of a once-bustling frontier community. Photo Angela Gzowski

Where Have All The Mining Towns Gone?

They're toxic and deserted wastelands - but to those who once lived there, the remains of...

September 2013 Ashleigh Gaul

The Great Escape From Outpost Island Mine

​Abandoned in the midst of Great Slave Lake, the miners had just one hope: Build a boat, set sail...

September 2013 Eva Holland
Prentice G. Downes, intellectual and adventurer, was in love with the romance of the 'Old North.' His passion for the place very nearly got him killed. Photo courtesy McGahern Stewart Publishing

A Daring Search For The 'Secret Lake Of The Dene'

The inland sea of Nu-thel-tin-tu-eh had long been a place of legend. One man was dying to find it.

March 2013 Conor Mihell

The Rescue That Went Wrong

On an icy October morning, two Igloolik hunters set out in their boat, looking for walruses. What...

February 2013 Katherine Laidlaw