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August 2015

We look into what today's Northern explorers are trying to find, chat with some of the custodians of the NWT's territorial parks, and dive in to the wild world of Northern aviation. Eva Holland takes us into the fray of the battle for the Peel watershed, digesting four days of courtroom hullabaloo (or, as close as you can get to that in a courtroom). Then the editors take a lunch break feeling out food trucks North of 60. 

In This Issue

Frozen Beach Reads

Polar pulp fiction that delivers just the right chills

By Eva Holland
Aug 25
Bush pilot Dave Olesen at his remote Hoarfrost River home. Photo: Kristen Gilbertson Olesen

The Last of a Flying Breed

Are the North's skies finally too crowded for the adventurous pilot to create their own air space?

By Daniel Campbell
Aug 24
Herc! Herc! One minute you're flying aid to Haiti, the next you're bringing prize racehorses to the Netherlands. Photo: Jason Pineau

Arrivals and Departures

Saying goodbye to some Northern aircraft, and hello to a few newcomers

By Herb Mathisen
Aug 21
The historic MacPherson House, built in 1936 and located above the flats. Photo Daniel Campbell

Where the Big Rivers Meet

It's the jumping off point to the Nahanni--but what can you actually do in town?

By Daniel Campbell
Aug 12
The Cirque of the Unclimbables, in Nahanni National Park, NWT. Photo Gary Bremner

From the West into the Wilderness

Europeans arrived in North America looking for wealth and the Pole. Explorers defied death for glory. But what drives today’s adventurers?

By Tim Edwards
Aug 11
Robert "Yogi Bear" Chenard and Brenda "Boo Boo" Penney run the Louise Falls day-use campground off the Mackenzie Highway, near the Alberta/NWT border. Photo Hannah Eden

Parks and Conversation

Meet the people who make Northern campgrounds funnier, friendlier, and just a bit weirder.

By Katie Weaver, Laura Busch, Samia Madwar
Aug 10
Photo: Peter Mather

The Battle for the Peel

When First Nations and government agree to work together, who gets the final say?

By Eva Holland
Aug 05
Peter Palme's Cessna 185 is docked steps from the front door of his office. Photo Hannah Eden

A Route Less Travelled

Bush pilot Peter Palme's long trip back to the North

By Samia Madwar
Aug 01
Burger, classic poutine and East Coast-style poutine (French fries topped with Newfoundland dressing--turkey stuffing and gravy) from Iqaluit's Nanook Express food truck. Photo Peter Thuell

Food Trucks North of 60

The foodie revolution has arrived in the Arctic. Food trucks are taking Northerners to wild, new culinary frontiers--even in places where the actual trucks have to be shipped up because there are no roads in or out.

By Up Here
Jul 27
Photo illustration by Beth Covvey

Cracking the Codeshare

After stepping away from the altar, Canadian North and First Air agree to just be friends. But what does that mean for Northerners?

By Herb Mathisen
Jul 24