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December 2013

298: December 2013

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Hidden Among Us

The North has always been a refuge for misfits – a place of dark pasts and secret lives, a hideout for men on the run. For ages, they’ve fled to our hinterlands, taking on new names and new personas.

By Eva Holland
Dec 21
In a drawing by explorer George Back, a band of British adventurers bunk down in the wintery north woods. Institute for Northern Studies Fonds, University of Saskatchewan Archives

The Hungriest Holiday

During a grim yuletide on Great Slave Lake, a team of starving explorers yearn for the gift of survival

By Jennifer Kingsley
Dec 17
Pingos dot the landscape along the road winding south out of Tuktoyaktuk. Ryan Yakeleya, an E. Gruben's employee, drives a grader toward the Tuk-Inuvik highway worksite. Photo by Angela Gzowski

Making The High Road

There's a highway being built to the Arctic Ocean. Finally, the national dream of 'coast to coast to coast' is coming true. The people making it happen? They're our Northerners of the Year.

By Tim Edwards
Dec 16