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December 2014

December 2014

UpHere's 2014 Northerner of the Year is Louie Kamookak, a man who's been on a 40 year quest to solve the Franklin Mystery for himself and for his people. Also this month, The North's RCMP's effort to restore their tainted image, Inqualuit's top comedians, and why the Northwest Territories needs a new name.

In This Issue

The cast of “Two Hands and Forever” was made up of people from all facets of life. Courtesy Alex Czarnecki

A brief shining moment

It could’ve been a classic. So why did a high-flying NWT musical miss its chance?

By Tim Edwards
Jan 14

Must be something in the water

A night of unsolved mysteries on the shores of Great Bear Lake

By Tim Edwards
Jul 30
Sergeant Dave Wallace, now based out of Whitehorse, still delivers mail and medication to some camps outside of the Yukon's communities, just like the RCMP did in the territory's younger days. Photo Daren Gallo

Rebuilt. Chauffeur. Mend. Police.

A century ago, the RCMP delivered mail and babies in the North, and kept people in line. But a dark stage in their history means cops today don't just have to keep the peace, they have to make it.

By Genesee Keevil
Dec 22
Illustration by Monika Melnychuk

Gained In Translation

Ever notice how a word starts losing its meaning when you say it too often? Now, try hitting it with an “evil poison bullet"

By Herb Mathisen
Dec 12
Louie Kamookak, Up Here's Northerner of the Year for 2014. Photo Riley Veldhuizen

If Any Living Inuk Knew

Louie Kamookak has been on a 40-year quest to solve the Franklin mystery—for himself and for his people.

By Ashleigh Gaul
Sep 09