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January 2015

Headlining this months issues is Up Here's annual reader's photo contest. Also this month, we're finding out how hardcore you have to be to race in the Yukon Ultra and listing off 14 ways you can drive a dog team in the North.

In This Issue

Scrapping Demons

A boyhood brush with Jordin Tootoo

By Herb Mathisen
Oct 22
"Hug the Police". Photo by Peter Worden

Midnight Menders

Fighting graffiti with graffiti in iqaluit

By Peter Worden
Feb 01

Casting Doubt

Hollywood gets a taste of Yellowknife

By Samia Madwar
Jan 08
The Yukon Arctic Ultra draws adventurous runners, cross-country skiers and fat-bikers from around the world. Photo by Michael Ericsson

Cold Hard Competition

Why do Yukon Arctic Ultra competitors risk injury and exhaustion every year? It’s not for the scenery.

By Eva Holland
Jan 01