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January 2017

For our first issue of 2017, we check out territorial and national parks that you probably haven’t heard of, let alone visited, and figured out why you probably should. Contributor Anna Tupakka takes us up the Thelon River, and we get a good look at the four-legged leaders of the North’s iconic dog teams. This issue is about travel in the North, from rugged adventure to glamping (or as close as you can get in the North).

In This Issue

How To Beat The Darkness

With just an old lawnmower, washing machine and some chopped wood

By Katharine Sandiford
Jan 30
Photo by Anna Tupakka

A Barrenlands Oasis

Travelling to Canada’s most remote river: The Thelon

By Anna Tupakka
Jan 25
Photo by Jiri Hermann

The Great Northern Roadtrip

And why you should trade in the convertible for the jeep with winter tires

By Elaine Anselmi
Jan 23
Photo by Fritz Mueller/Parks Canada

The North's Hidden Corners

Sometimes the best adventure awaits down the road less travelled. Spend Canada’s 150th birthday in its wildest Northern parks.

By Up Here
Jan 20
Photo by Sayamindu Dasgupta

Just Out Of Sight

Things seen and unseen near Fort Smith

By Mark Rendell
Jan 09
Illustration by Beth Covvey

The Burdens Of Proof

How a floating home can sink under the weight of paperwork

By Herb Mathisen
Jan 09
Photo by Mike Rudyk

'Our Culture Is Not static’

A traditional First Nations ‘men’s game’ is being played by women in the North.

By Genesee Keevil
Jan 03
Illustration by Beth Covvey

Finders Keepers

And the things you wish you never found

By Elaine Anselmi
Dec 30
Photo by Tim Edwards

What To Drink After Being Stalked By A Bear

From summits to suds with Yukon trailfinder and brewmaster Marko Marjanovic

By Tim Edwards
Jan 16