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JUNE 2019

Not only is the June issue of Up Here filled with incredible stories and photos from across Canada's North, but it's also a handy mosquito swatter. Just in time for summer. Inside we look back at the history of shrinking Northern connections, find some answers about life and death at a muskrat trapping camp for kids, and serve up a delicious sampling of edible morsels to eat on the perfect Northern road trip.

In This Issue

Experts say DEET is still one of the best ways to avoid this situation. PHOTO: STEVE OLGLE

Mosquito Country

They’re the uninvited guest at every camping trip, and arguably the worst part of summer. Nuisance or not—is it possible to imagine a mosquito-free North? And is there a lesson to take from these resilient pests that everyone loves to hate?

By Beth Brown
Jun 03