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September 2018

In our September issue we look at food grown, foraged and hunted across the North and we search for the meaning of a Northern cuisine. We follow a Dawson City filmmaker who spent a year eating local and we find out what to do with all the berries that crop up in Northern backyards.

We also talk to the biographer of a legendary RCMP officer, trapper and sailor in the North and to a Northwest Passage guru who guides ships from the comforts of his basement. And we’ve got a few more book reviews to fill out your fall reading list.

In This Issue

Illustration Beth Covvey

A Polar Bear Plunge

And the things you might see before your morning coffee in Nunatsiavut

By Marc Fawcett-Atkinson
Oct 01
Photo by Patrick Kane

Couchsurf The Yukon

... and get a lot more than a free place to stay.

By Katharine Sandiford
Sep 25
CAN-DO ATTITUDE: Dawson City filmmaker Suzanne Crocker with the fruits—and veggies, and jams, and sauces—of her labour. On July 31, 2017, Crocker began an ambitious project to go one year eating only what could be found or foraged around the Yukon town. Cathie Archbould

Extreme Measures: The All-Local Dawson City Diet

Dawson City filmmaker Suzanne Crocker committed to eating only what could be grown, foraged, hunted or fished from around town for a year. She survived the harvest, a near mutiny and the winter. But could she go a calendar year without salt?

By Michele Genest
Sep 24
Arctic char prepared by Yellowknife chef Robin Wasicuna. Courtesy Edible Canada

Searching for the Northern Cuisine

With voracious foodies and some of Canada’s top chefs taking an interest in the North, local chefs are whetting their appetites with menus that tell our stories through food.

By Herb Mathisen
Sep 19
Reviews of new books about or from the North

Book Reviews

It's not too late to get in some last-minute summer reading

By Up Here
Sep 17
Mountie in wellies: Bill White, in the foreground, aboard the RCMP ship, St. Roch, in the 1930s. The straight-shooting, no-B.S. White is the subject of Mountie in Mukluks. Vancouver Maritime Museum

Bill White: Trapper Sailor Fighter Cop

A closer look at one of the stranger books in the Arctic canon—and why its author would do things differently today

By Tim Edwards
Sep 14
Victor Wejer in the 'NWP Studio.' Photo by Andrew Reimer

The Vicarious Captain

Meet the retiree who, for the last decade, has guided vessels through the icy narrows of the Northwest Passage—from his Mississauga basement.

By Elaine Anselmi
Sep 10
Photo by Peter Mather

Lock Down

The September Arctic Moment

By Up Here
Sep 03
Taylor Beck. Photo by Herb Mathisen

When You're A Beck

The perks of belonging to the NWT’s first family of competitive dog mushing

By Herb Mathisen
Aug 29
Anna Lambe. Photo by Marc Fawcett-Atkinson

Eat Well, Live Well

An Iqaluit student is planning more than a lunch menu

By Marc Fawcett-Atkinson
Aug 29