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Since 1984, our Yellowknife-based magazine has chronicled northern travel, culture, nature, and arts from across the territories with award-winning writing and spectacular photography. Below you’ll find our past issues. Click on any to see all the online articles from that particular magazine. If you’d like to subscribe to the print edition click here.

Latest Issue

Up Here Magazine - September/October 2021 cover

Looking at great northern homes, the housing crisis and experimental housing.

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Past Issues

Photo by Cathie Archbould

Whale snot, polar bear costumes, KFC, and more of the weirdest research projects happening across the North.

June 2019 cover

Just in time for summer, the June issue of Up Here is filled with incredible stories and photos from across Canada's North.

March 2019 cover

A profile of several of the North's smallest communities, Porcupine caribou herd, and showcase the winners of our annual Up Here photo contest.

January/February 2019 cover

New year, new adventures—that's what was on our minds as we put together the January/February travel issue.

December 2018 cover

Delving into a changing North, and a look at the Greenland shark, a species that can live for more than 200 years.

October/November 2018 cover

This is our arts issue and we catch up with musicians and performers from across the North

September 2018 cover

In our September issue we look at food grown, foraged and hunted across the North and we search for the meaning of a Northern cuisine.