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The road to Fort Liard. Photo by Samia Madwar

From The Land Of Giants

Kids hunt, fish, play soccer and then leave to find opportunity. This NWT town is trying to build...

March 2016 Samia Madwar
Illustration by Andrew Qappik, C/O Uqqurmiut Centre for Arts & Crafts

For The Fun Of It

Anauligaaq is like baseball, cricket and stickball. But also not at all.

March 2016 Herb Mathisen
Photo by Eva Holland

Yukon's Indomitable Man

A brutal accident could have made Darryl Tait leave his old life behind. Instead, he became a...

March 2016 Eva Holland
Paddlers cross Lake Laberge during the 2015 Yukon River Quest. Photo by Joel Krahn

Swimming In Cold Water

How to find your way in the world of Northern outdoor sports–even when you're out of your...

March 2016 Eva Holland
Photo: Shutterstock

How To Measure Lake Ice

Without falling through

February 2016 Tim Edwards
Pictured: how not to. Photo: Shutterstock

How To Build On Permafrost

And have your house remain where it is

February 2016 Tim Edwards
Illustration by Beth Covvey

How I Got Home

Sometimes, in the North, you actually do have to reinvent the snowmobile.

February 2016 Tim Edwards
In his workspace, Holloway examines an aileron, a hinged piece that attaches to the wing. Once complete, the Sonex (that’s the name of the aircraft model) will measure 5.5 metres long and 6.7 metres wide. Photo by Hannah Eden/Up Here

How To Build Your Own Plane

And why skill and craftsmanship have little to do with it

February 2016 Samia Madwar
Photo: Shutterstock

How To Build A Fire

Life-saving tips from land-savvy survivors

February 2016 Samia Madwar
The only reindeer herd in the Canadian Arctic. Photo courtesy of Jason Van Bruggen/NWTT

Two Feet and 12,000 Hooves

After 100 years, reindeer in Canada’s Arctic have gone from outcasts and undesirables to tourist...

January 2016 Tim Edwards