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Whitefish burger with juniper aioli, morels and arugula. Photo by Amy Lam

Catch of the day

When the local fisherman is your buddy, you're reeling in world-class fish, and you can get it...

June 2015 Samia Madwar
Yukoner Jurg Hofer starts his morel harvesting early to beat the heat. When he's filled a few baskets, around 12 pounds of morels per basket, he brings them to buyers. Photo: Linda Gerrand

The Boom: Morel Mushroom Harvest Begins

The NWT is preparing for a morel mushroom rush this summer. We break down the hype, and find out...

June 2015 Laura Busch
What's in the job description? Spend hours on the open deck, waiting for the wildlife to show up. Courtesy Mark Cowardine/One Ocean

My So-Called Job

What's it like to wake up to stunning Arctic vistas, watch polar bears all day and hike across...

April 2015 Jimmy Thomson
Eastbound’s felt at home in Dawson this winter, surrounded by like-minded, hands-on folks: “Everyone up here is just automatically DIY because they were raised that way.” All photos courtesy Cud Eastbound

A Home In The Wilderness

Dawson City’s Cud Eastbound turns his van into a warm and cozy abode.

April 2015 Herb Mathisen
A Yamaha Bravo shop in Arviat, Nunavut

Love of the Bravo

A souped-up Northern staple rips across the Kivalliq

April 2015 Up Here

Not That Kind of Romance

How To Survive the Northern Dating Scene

February 2015 Miranda Booth
Fred Sorensen built a logging camp along the Mackenzie River that soon became a small summer community. Photo by Kristine Bourque

Outpost: The Lost Kingdom of Grandview

Though the homestead and path to it are overgrown, the memories of the best place to stay on the...

February 2015 Karen McColl
"Hug the Police". Photo by Peter Worden

Midnight Menders

Fighting graffiti with graffiti in iqaluit

February 2015 Peter Worden
He’s Inuvialuit; she’s Dene. It hasnt always been easy—but this couple knows a thing or two about survival. Photo by Herb Mathisen

Two Nations, One Love

When Harry met Mary Rose

February 2015 Herb Mathisen
MADAME PRESIDENT: Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory performs her inaugural speech as the president of Hans Island. Photo by Ed Maruyama

We Are a Nation of Lovers

The Arctic’s vast potential, through the eyes of a fictional politician

February 2015 Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory