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Fred Sorensen built a logging camp along the Mackenzie River that soon became a small summer community. Photo by Kristine Bourque

Outpost: The Lost Kingdom of Grandview

Though the homestead and path to it are overgrown, the memories of the best place to stay on the...

February 2015 Karen McColl
"Hug the Police". Photo by Peter Worden

Midnight Menders

Fighting graffiti with graffiti in iqaluit

February 2015 Peter Worden
He’s Inuvialuit; she’s Dene. It hasnt always been easy—but this couple knows a thing or two about survival. Photo by Herb Mathisen

Two Nations, One Love

When Harry met Mary Rose

February 2015 Herb Mathisen
MADAME PRESIDENT: Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory performs her inaugural speech as the president of Hans Island. Photo by Ed Maruyama

We Are a Nation of Lovers

The Arctic’s vast potential, through the eyes of a fictional politician

February 2015 Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory
Grand Prize Winner: Artur Stanisz

Freeze Frame - The Best Photos From 2014

Up Here’s 14th annual readers’ photo contest

January 2015 Samia Madwar
The Yukon Arctic Ultra draws adventurous runners, cross-country skiers and fat-bikers from around the world. Photo by Michael Ericsson

Cold Hard Competition

Why do Yukon Arctic Ultra competitors risk injury and exhaustion every year? It’s not for the...

January 2015 Eva Holland
Sergeant Dave Wallace, now based out of Whitehorse, still delivers mail and medication to some camps outside of the Yukon's communities, just like the RCMP did in the territory's younger days. Photo Daren Gallo

Rebuilt. Chauffeur. Mend. Police.

A century ago, the RCMP delivered mail and babies in the North, and kept people in line. But a dark...

December 2014 Genesee Keevil
Illustration by Monika Melnychuk

Gained In Translation

Ever notice how a word starts losing its meaning when you say it too often? Now, try hitting it...

December 2014 Herb Mathisen
Illustration by Jonathan Wright

Arctic Dispatches: Tapper’s last stand

When life handed him illness, he made birch syrup—and kept a tradition alive

July 2014 Ashleigh Gaul

Arctic Dispatches: Camp Mary River

A mine worker talks steak, doughnuts, and the good life.

July 2014 Samia Madwar