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Butchering is a family event on the river banks, with children playing, watching and learning. Photo Peter Mather

The State of the Hunt

Most years the porcupine caribou cross the Dempster. When they do, there's a harvest. Is this...

June 2014 Genesee Keevil
Image: Shutterstock

Hidden Among Us

The North has always been a refuge for misfits – a place of dark pasts and secret lives, a hideout...

December 2013 Eva Holland
Illustration by Monika Melnychuk

How fasting made me furious

In the land where the sun doesn’t set, she planned to give up food from dawn to dusk. Could she...

October 2013 Samia Madwar

A Homeland Homecoming

Why a prodigal son has returned to his roots in the Yukon

July 2013 Up Here
Illustration by Monika Melnychuk

When In Churchill

Back in California, his biggest worry was his kids getting too much sun. But when Zac Unger moved...

April 2013 Zac Unger